Investigative services for litigation departments & outside counsel


Claims Bureau USA partners with many Fortune 100 corporate litigation departments and their assigned outside counsel nationwide to provide creative and cost-effective investigative solutions that uncover the information that is crucial in mitigating complex and potentially high-exposure
claims. Utilizing our proven investigative strategies in collaboration with our unmatched resources and nationwide capabilities, we are ready and able to meet all of your investigative and field service needs in a timely, professional, and effective manner.

By discussing your case file and reviewing and analyzing case facts, complaints and discovery materials, we can then develop a customized investigative plan of action to uncover unknown leads and evidence that can make all the difference in the outcome of your file.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Immediate catastrophic background/social media investigation
  • Locating and uncovering pre-existing medical conditions
  • Injury status confirmation
  • Canvass for video surveillance footage
  • Canvass for unknown witnesses
  • Geo-Fencing accident scene investigation
  • License plate reader (LPR) database analysis and investigation
  • Social media location, monitoring and preservation
  • Pharmacy, medical and provider canvasses
  • 911 log, CAD Dispatch and Police/incident reports
  • Gym and recreational canvasses
  • Locate unknown employment or activities
  • Obtain crucial court records and certification
  • Obtain signed affidavits and answers to interrogatories
  • Execute subpoena services in select states
  • Locate and obtain cooperation of former employees
  • Locate and assess witnesses and learn their version of events prior to a deposition
  • Conduct virtual or in-person interviews
  • Direct and discreet targeted inquiries
  • Jury vetting and monitoring
  • Accident scene investigation (in certain areas)


We provide professional, cost-effective, and timely investigations. Get started today!

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