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Claims Bureau USA offers a variety of services to provide well-rounded, creative, and in-depth investigations. Our Background Department consists of a large team of quick-thinking and knowledgeable investigators. All members of the department participate in extensive training programs throughout their careers at Claims Bureau.

  • Social Media Savvy: Our investigators are at the forefront of the ever-changing world of social media and Internet research. Social media site and mobile application preferences can vary by subject, fall from fashion, or go viral at a moment’s notice. Additionally, due to new social media restrictions, ordinary search methods are no longer viable. We pride ourselves on a diverse and highly trained staff, who stay ahead of these trends to uncover previously hidden data.
    Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are common components of any social media sweep – let us take your investigation beyond the obvious, to include keyword and advanced search strategies, fitness and athletic reporting sites, mobile payment services, URL and page source code manipulation, and other innovative techniques!
  • Documentation: All findings, including profiles in their entirety, posts, photos, and videos, are captured as they are located; if a profile is deactivated or privatized during the course of our investigation, those records have already been saved to our server, and significant evidence will not be lost. Self-documented activity can be key!
  • Innovative Tools + Techniques: Our background investigations department is focused on identifying leads and following them to their conclusion. As such, we are diligent in our searches and utilize all available resources – with a focus on unique, targeted case strategy! Vehicle sightings reports, criminal history reviews, and special interest databases are just a few of the resources utilized by our investigators.
  • Targeted Inquiries: We employ a specialized team of highly trained investigators to conduct inquiries of all kinds, both direct and discreet, to further investigate any leads that are identified during our background investigation. This is an invaluable resource, to obtain insight that would be otherwise unobtainable.
  • Interdepartmental Communication & Collaboration: Background investigation is routinely conducted prior to every surveillance assignment, to confirm identifiers and to identify dates or locations of any specific opportunities to target with surveillance. Interdepartmental communication occurs daily throughout these investigations, especially in instances where surveillance investigations can be leveraged in a targeted manner, thus ensuring results and reducing costs.
  • Over 50 years of proven industry experience: Claims Bureau USA is a nationwide company with modern techniques and a small business feel. Case discussions occur at every level, and all of our investigations are conducted with a focus on customer service and integrity.


We provide professional, cost-effective, and timely investigations. Get started today!