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In a comprehensive background investigation, Claims Bureau USA applies its proven investigative techniques and strategies to assist financial sponsors in mitigating risks associated with potential investments. Claims Bureau USA has provided investigative due diligence to clients across the private equity spectrum, from venture capital to leveraged buyout transactions. Our targeted investigation provides the investor with in-depth knowledge of the company and the principals they will be doing business with. Additionally, each investigation is tailored to address the specific concerns of the investor, identify industry-specific risks, and leave no questions unanswered. It is an opportunity for the investor to learn information that will allow them to make critical and actionable investment decisions.

Areas of Investigation

Areas of Investigation

Based on the client’s requests and our findings, a due-diligence background investigation can include the following areas of research.

Based on the client’s requests and our findings, a due-diligence background investigation can include the following areas of research.

Professional History Review

  • This review verifies a principal’s education and employment history and identifies their involvement in other businesses.

Asset Check

  • An asset check determines the financial well-being of a principal and company, including their real property ownership and mortgages, personal property, and business ownership or involvement. This check may provide insight into why the owners of a company want to sell or take on an investor.

Court and Regulatory Review

  • Principal: A review of federal and local court matters is conducted in all jurisdictions where a principal has resided. This search may identify divorce or domestic issues, litigation against the principal, and criminal records.
  • Company: A review of court filings and regulatory issues may identify litigation against a company, undisclosed regulatory complaints, and disciplinary actions taken by a state or federal regulatory agency.

Social Media and Internet Review

  • A review of Internet references and social media profiles maintained by a company, a principal, and a principal’s relatives provides insight into their character, reputations, relationships, and personal and professional activities.

Direct and Discreet Inquiries

  • Inquiries provide opportunities to learn additional information about the activities and reputations of a principal and company. For example, inquiries could be conducted with a principal’s former spouse, an individual with litigation against a principal or company, and a company’s vendors, suppliers, former or retired employees, and current or former customers.


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