Proven investigative surveillance methods that yield ROI


Since 1956, Claims Bureau USA has provided our clients with reliable, thorough, and cost-effective surveillance investigations that facilitate favorable resolutions. With many of our national competitors having been acquired by equity investors focused primarily on profit margins and turnover, Claims Bureau USA continues to proudly operate as a privately-owned surveillance company with national coverage, a commitment to producing only the best results, and relationship-based customer service that is second to none.


a man monitors with a camera

To achieve our high standards of service, quality, and integrity, Claims Bureau USA invests in the right people. Every surveillance case is handled by a team of experienced professionals that work together in a collaborative manner to ensure the very best results our clients have come to expect.

  • Our experienced surveillance managers direct the course of each investigation, provide guidance to the field investigators, and ensure our clients stay informed throughout the process.
  • Our qualified field investigators are trained to meet the varied specifications of our clients and case types. Claims Bureau USA has developed a series of training videos that provide our investigators with ongoing access to our company’s procedures, protocols, and guidelines. Additionally, investigators are outfitted with professional-grade video equipment to ensure we maximize every opportunity to capture quality, impactful evidence. The equipment must have a focal length of 550 mm or more, manual focus, night vision, and high-definition capabilities.



By recruiting skilled professionals, paying them well, and providing them with the resources they need to excel, Claims Bureau USA has built a wide network of investigators who have chosen to work with us for many years and are committed to providing our clients with reliable investigations across the country. This allows us to consistently deliver the best services to our clients when and where they are needed. Claims Bureau USA provides coverage across 49 states and the District of Columbia, with an agency license pending in Hawaii. Unlike many of our larger competitors, we do not utilize subcontractors or operate a vendor panel.


With our unique structure and approach to investigations, our upfront pricing tends to be higher than our other national competitors in the industry; however, our proven model ensures our clients receive an optimal return on their investment, resulting in increased reserve/claim savings and decreased long-term costs. Claims Bureau USA’s reputation and success over the years is the result of providing our clients with the very best and most effective investigative strategies in the industry, while maintaining the utmost integrity.


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