Claims Bureau’s origin dates back to 1956 when it was originally organized under the name Casualty, Life and Surety Companies’ Claims Bureau Inc. It was one of the first insurance fraud investigation agencies servicing the insurance industry and covered the six New England states.

In 2001, Claims Bureau Inc. began obtaining investigative licenses throughout the United States. This enabled our company to utilize our proven formula and strategies on a national level. It was at this time that our company began servicing national insurance carriers and Claims Bureau Inc. consequently evolved into Claims Bureau USA.

While our reach and our company continue to grow, we remain partners with our original clients and we have sustained the original principles that our company was built upon: Service, Quality and Integrity.


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“You da man – thanks much. So far, been really impressed with the work at Claims Bureau!!”

SIU Investigator client for National Insurer

“This report and the results your team provide are excellent. Thanks so much and have a great weekend.”

Defense attorney for Regional Firm

“This surveillance video is amazing!! Thank you so much!!!!”

Adjuster for Self-Insured Fortune 100 company

“Thanks much for this wonderful report, you do great work and make my job easier!”

National TPA claim associate managing claims for Fortune 100 client

“Thanks for sharing! Really great results from this investigation.”

Risk Management supervisor for Fortune 100 company

“I’d like to say thanks and how I truly appreciated the quality of the video as it showed the care and attentiveness this investigator had with the case. Looking forward to referring future cases in the Chicago area.”

SR SIU Investigator for National LTD Carrier

“Thank you for this detailed report. This really helps tremendously.”

National TPA claim rep on behalf of Fortune 100 company account

“Thank you very much for the awesome job. I will issue your payment, and will let you know if we need to investigate further.”

National TPA adjuster on behalf of Fortune 100 client account


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